Payroll Card for Payroll Companies & Staffing Companies

“The path to a greener company will keep you grounded”

Visa payroll card programs are an ideal way to help both payroll service companies and their employees by giving clients an option for free payroll card enrollment and card issuance to eliminate payroll checks. Payroll companies and staffing companies both benefit by offering a free payroll card service to clients. A Visa payroll card built to meet state and federal payroll regulations is most powerful and successful. When considering payroll card programs consider making it easier on employers to set mandatory direct deposit payroll policies on employees while giving employees access to a financial tool enabling them to receive direct deposit payroll without having to qualify or open a direct deposit bank account.

It is often the case where traditional bank accounts cost more than a corporate Visa payroll card. The employer in such cases has no standardized process to have employees enroll into a direct deposit payroll account. The more support an organization has offering a payroll card to employees the more successful a payroll card program  will be. The credibility of the payroll company, staffing company, payroll card company, and the employer are all at stake. Therefore, it is in the best interest of all parties involved to hold the employees interest first at heart. Employees are truly the driver behind the credibility of a company. Employees spread the word on experiences with such sensitive transactions such as payroll and benefits.

Visa payroll card benefits play crucial role in successful payroll card deployments. The more card holder benefits added to a Visa payroll card program, the greater receptivity a payroll card program will have in the employee population. Positioning a payroll card into an employee community can be done several ways, considering the corporate structure, corporate branding, methods of communication, and of course employee needs. With a Visa payroll card specialist, your payroll company or staffing company can asses the most effective methods available for your clients’ Visa payroll card deployment, from marketing, to payroll card enrollment, to fulfillment. Check here!


1. Surcharge Free Allpoint ATM Network

The Security Plus Pay Card provides access to cash at over 3.2 million cash ATM’s world wide. Check for at least one of these logos, and click a logo below to locate. Convenient surcharge-free access to Pay Card cash at places near home, work and places you travel. These Pay Card cash withdraw locations are strategically places with 80% in metropolitan areas and where customers normally shop.


Use for Pay Card cash withdraws to ensure the lowest cash withdrawal fees and to eliminate or reduce separate trips to the bank. These machines give our card holders a chance to consolidate their daily shopping and bank errands into one and reduce lifestyle expenses and time such as additional driving trips, standing in line, and parking. The Pay Card provides access to your funds at many ATM brands across the country. Remember to check for at least one of these logos at any withdrawal point you attempt to use – otherwise it may not work for you).

2. PayCard Reward Points

Pay card rewards offers a unique debit card rewards redemption programs giving our paycard holders added benefits uncommon in the pay card marketplace. Just swipe your PayCard when making purchases and use the Visa Signature pad and you will earn 1 point for every $2.00 you spend when you sign for purchases. It’s that simple. The more you use your card and sign for purchases, the more points you earn and the better the rewards. PIN based purchases do not earn points, so sign for purchases every time you can. Check out this site:

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